Current Projections

These are my initial hitter projections, updated to include the 2013 season. The spreadsheet is sorted by OPS. wOBA is calculated using the Fangraphs 2013 version. Additionally, I can’t possibly project playing time these guys would get in the MLB, so I projected everyone for 600 plate appearances, or about a full season’s worth. Also, these projections are all players from the NPB that played there in 2013, and had at least 600 plate appearances the past three seasons.

These are the initial pitcher projections, updated to include the 2013 season. Since teams sometimes convert a starter to relief, I have projected starters for both starting and relief roles. Starters are given 200 innings, relievers are given 50. LERA is an ERA calculated from a player’s numbers assuming a league average LOB%. Spreadsheets are sorted by FIP. xFIP uses a 2012 league average home run rate, and both FIP and xFIP use the Fangraphs 2013 constant.


  1. I like it. It will be interesting to look at it in some depth and think more about it. One thing, probably everyone else knows this (I don’t – count me dumb): what is the definition for alpha hitters and what other categories are there with definitions? Thanks for the work and making me think.

    • Oh, sorry about that. It just means that these hitter projections are in an initial alpha state. Meaning that the projections are essentially my first concrete attempt, and very subject to change.

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